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ATM/ANS Standardisation Inspections: Started in Jan 2012, follow Regulation (EC) 736/2008 EASA qualified Team Leaders + Team Members from MS • Pre-visit Questionnaires, Checklists, Evidences 13 inspections in 2012, 14 in 2013 (including follow-up) Findings followed by Corrective actions EASA may raise Supplementary Reports Enforcement by the Commission EASA STI (Standardisation Inspection) 19-23 september 2016 EASA STI påverkan inom Del-145 och Del-M Presentatörer Catarina Mossberg och Björn Holm 2017-03-13/27 1 Se hela listan på EASA approval number: Contributor: EASA Air Operations Standardisation Section : ATA Chapter: Approval Holder / Type Designation: Safety Information Bulletin ATM/ANS Revision: Not applicable Correction: Not applicable Supersedure ANNOUNCEMENT: EASA Standardisation Visit The standardisation inspection was conducted within the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency, in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 628/2013 on working methods of the EASA, having in mind that the Agency is the National Supervisory Authority (NSA) in Montenegro. EASA approval number: Contributor: EASA Air Operations Standardisation Section : ATA Chapter: Approval Holder / Type Designation: Safety Information Bulletin Airworthiness Operations Revision: Not applicable EASA is also responsible for carrying out standardisation inspections to monitor the uniform application of Community legislation in Member States, evaluate its effects and make the necessary recommendations. EASA STANDARDISATION ­ AIRWORTHINESS > Send a message Exit Send a message MES S A GE DETA IL S A ­ MES S AG E REC I P I ENT View recipients B ­ MES For further information on the content of this SIB, contact the Airworthiness Directives, Safety Management & Research Section, Certification Directorate, EASA. E-mail: For any report on new cases relevant to the subject of this SIB, contact Standardisation Department, EASA.

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Checklistor och manualexempel - fortsatt luftvärdighet. Luftfart / Luftfartyg och luftvärdighet omhändertagna i CAME CAMO (2021-01-04) Referensmaterial CAMO regler jämfört MG regler EASA transition guide Resursanalys Del-CAMO (2020 … -06-24) CAME Del-T Chapters (kapitel) (2020-06-24) CAME Del-T Expanded (detaljerat innehåll) (2020-06-24) CAMO sub-contracting RAMP Standardisation Team Leader at EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency Köln und Umgebung, Deutschland Fluggesellschaften. EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency. Coordination Group (EASCG) in order to coordinate all relevant standardisation activities. Latest news. Manuel Rivas Vila, EASA, takes over as EASCG Chair. This will be version five of the RDP, based on the standardisation roadmap developed by EASA and other organisations and inputs from the EUSCG members  group established to coordinate the UAS-related standardisation activities across Europe, essentially stemming from the EU regulations and EASA rulemaking  SRG2125: Application for the Approval of Examiner Standardisation Courses Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.1015.

EASA announces winners of first GA Safety Award EASA

2017 - Present. AESA EASA Part-145.

Easa standardisation

Typerating SkySim-Boeing 737 Licence Proficiency Check

Easa standardisation

EASA håller för närvarande på att sammanställa och söka samråd om  In a compromise, EASA has agreed not to hold up the plane's It will send information and data to the FAA's Flight Standardisation Board,  A Swedish perspective with Standardisation as a Theme (EASA). 1.3 Begreppen sjösäkerhet och sjösäkerhetsnivå. Det kan fastslås att sjösäkerhet är ett  För närvarande behandlas en utvidgning av förordningen och EASA:s •CEN, Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardisation).

Nov 5, 2020 standardisation activities across Europe. ✈ Based on EC and EASA rulemaking initiatives. ✈ Chaired by EUROCAE – handover to EASA  The implementation of CS-HPT-DSN will be monitored by EASA through regular audits / standardisation visits and regular meetings with the national airport  May 18, 2017 EASA plays a vital role in certifying European aircraft products, design and flight standards, standardisation and new certification methods.
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Easa standardisation

After receipt of notification of findings, the operator shall: (a) identify the root cause of the  Courses take place at the UK CAA's London Gatwick offices. The same standardised syllabus is also available to non-EASA States through CAAi.

Press Release. ACI EUROPE and EASA sign Cooperation Agreement as airport industry publishes Guidelines for a Healthy Passenger Experience. • EASA Standardisation started on 1.8.2006, iaw Reg. 736/2006 • Initially only Initial (IAW) and Continuing (CAW) Airworthiness Evolution of Standardisation EASA Standardisation Planning Results Part-147 Undertakings findings NAA Issues brought forward by you 1. How can industry help standardisation?
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This study, which focuses on Premium Efficiency/IE3 motors, supports similar results found in the 2003 study: Motors can be repaired without reducing efficiency.